Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – Phewy!

Hi, my name is Katie, and my first instinct is to be selfish.

There. I said it. In every situation, the first person I think about is me.

How do I feel? How does this affect me? What do I want? What will I get out of this?

I prioritize me first because I only experience things as me. I know what I want, so it’s easiest to work with my wants, needs and desires.

The trouble with prioritizing me is that I’m really the only me, so I’m not making a very large impact on the population as a whole. I’m only half of my marriage, a daughter to two people, a sister to one person, a mom to one dog, etc.

What’s more? Hindsight always leaves me wishing I’d prioritized other people and their needs and feelings more than my own. And, since I’m selfish, I hate feeling disappointed!

It turns out that, in order to take care of me – numero uno – I have to take care of everyone else first. Go figure.

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