Motivation for this blog

Why the blog title, “Running for Pizza”?

  • From the literal side of things, if I’m going to have all this pizza while we’re living in Italy, I do need to run/workout.
  • From the metaphorical perspective, I want to run all over the world and taste all it has to offer.

In today’s world-wide web you don’t have to be qualified to post information on your blog, but I will tell you why I hope you’ll get something out of my posts, and why I picked the categories I did to focus on.

  • I’m a certified personal trainer.
  • I cook every night, and always try to make healthy options based on my knowledge of nutrition and daily requirements. This will push me to actually write down my recipes!
  • We live in Italy, so we travel all the time.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in communications (and tailgating).
  • My husband and I have a lot of fun together and are very happy. Prior to being married I guess you could say I dated a lot… All’s well that ends well, right?!

You answer the same questions enough and you realize you should be writing down your responses. I’ve written for several other sites, but I’ve always wanted to make my own. Here goes nothing!

What you won’t get from this site is actual personal training, because, well, that’s personal, and you have to be a client to get “the works.” You also won’t get some in-depth relationship questions that I’m including in a book I’m working on because I want you to want to buy the book, so I can’t give it all out for free.

I hope you enjoy what you read and share it with others. Also, since my words aren’t pulled out of thin air, I’d love to learn from what you know, too. Leave comments and/or feedback, and feel free to message me. There is so much we can learn from each other, and I’d love for you to feel at home and open to sharing on my blog. It can be “our” blog 😉

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