Need a diet? Here’s an easy one: Lose weight by cutting out fake food

Don’t eat fake stuff. Sounds so simple, right?

I’m not talking about not eating decorative fruit. Although, it might be a better option than some things we do consume.

It’s sad that we have to look at food labels to make sure what we’re buying is actually made of what it’s called or is claiming to contain. Most cereals that claim to have fruit in them have no trace of actual fruit, and most creamers today don’t have any cream/milk product of any kind in them. Doesn’t it make you nervous when you don’t know what the ingredients listed on your food even are?

Think of it this way: if something has been removed or added to alter fat/calories or enhance color/flavor, something unnatural has likely happened to the ingredient list. An exchange has occurred, and it’s probably not to your benefit in the overall scheme of things.

Okay, so they took out some fat, but look how much sodium is in the new version…

As a rule of thumb, a short ingredient list of things you recognize is a good indicator of a quality product. In contrast, if it has enough preservatives to live in your house for a long time, it can probably live in your body a long time, too.

If you don’t recognize the ingredients you’re putting into your body, how do you expect your body to recognize them? We’re all clogged up with artificial crap and preservatives.

Yes, good, real food typically costs more; however, the money you save buying cheap, processed food will likely be spent many times over in medical fees down the line to undo the damage. Also, if you go to a farmers’ market instead of a supermarket, the price will be lower because they haven’t spent as much overhead on transportation and advertising.

The list of ailments that can be cured with a clean diet is amazing. Mood swings, digestion issues, headaches, obesity, etc. can all be helped by taking the time to make sure what you’re eating is real food.

Skip over all the fad diets, and just reach for real food. It’s a no brainer.

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