Shameless promoting of musical awesomeness

Who? Brokedown Cadillac

What? An amazing country music band who has been to Iraq three times in the last year to perform for our troops serving overseas, and have been featured on “Hellcats” and “Desperate Housewives.” They also appeared in Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain.”

I’m not gonna lie, I do have a personal connection to them. The lead vocalist is my sister. We grew up with music in the house because my father is a musician, and my sister has studied music pretty much her entire life. We’re not talking about a girl who just thinks she can sing. She had the raw talent from the get-go, but fine-tuning your vocal instrument requires the same effort and energy as learning to play any other instrument.

My father, both my grandfathers, and my husband have all served our country, so my sister felt driven to entertain our troops. She’s one of those people who gets choked up telling stories about every soldier she’s met. I am enormously proud of her. For someone with so much talent, she’s as down to earth as the first time we fought over Barbies and Nintendo.

Having said all that, getting into the music industry costs a pretty penny, and it’s not something you can do part-time, so it’s important to support your favorite artists – especially those who are new and haven’t achieved “Bieber-dom” yet. They write all their own stuff, so it’s completely organic and free of pesticides.

You can buy their music on iTunes. They are busting their rears writing a ton of amazing music, and I hope you’ll check them out. If you like good music, you’ll love Brokedown Cadillac.

Detailed Info


Lead Vocals – Corri English

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar – Randy Dunham

Bass/Backing Vocals – Jeff LeGore

Lead Guitar – Don Ian

Drums – Danny Reuland



Eagles, Journey, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Fleetwood Mac,

Dixie Chicks, Elvis, Beatles, Shania Twain, Jackson Brown

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