President of the USA: It’s a dirty job, so thanks for doing it

Happy Presidents’ Day, and thank you to all the men (can’t wait until I have to use “and women”) who have served as Commander-in-Chief of this amazing country. Why anyone would want that job is beyond me.

I haven’t loved every president, but I respect all of them.

I believe every president starts out hoping to do well for us; otherwise, why put yourself and your family through it? Sure, the pay is okay, but the hours are awful, and the critics are worse. There are plenty other high paying jobs that allow for much more privacy; not to mention, fewer assassination plots.

Ever check out the before and after photos of presidents? They look like they’ve aged ten years for every four-year term. The White House water will never be confused with the fountain of youth.

As most of you know (unfortunately, some people don’t), our current president is Barack Hussein Obama. Poor guy. No one (aside from celebrities’ babies) has ever had to apologize so many times for his name. Now, I’m sure his parents are thinking they should have gone with Bradley Thomas or something, but back when he was born, the name they chose bore no resemblance to a psycho terrorist.

Honestly though, I am so proud that our country elected an African-American as president. We are still such a young country, and yet we were the first major country to elect a minority as president.

I can’t imagine wanting to be in Obama’s shoes; but, at least his shoes aren’t being thrown at him.

Right now our country debates constantly. Debate is healthy, and I’m proud to have the freedom to engage in it, but we all seem to think we have to pick sides – as though each of us aren’t pulling for the same grand goal of living the American Dream. I’m sure many a dingus has exclaimed, “If I were president, I’d [blah, blah, blah] and fix this mess!”

I’ll take this Presidents’ Day as an opportunity to thank our former presidents, and President Obama. I can definitely see areas of opportunity for our country, but I’m proud to be a citizen of the United States of America, and I’m really glad that most of the dinguses out there who think they could do a better job will never actually step up to the plate. I will never do anything as difficult or important as be president, so my hat is off to those who (no doubt) give it their best shot.

Happy Presidents’ Day


2 Comments on “President of the USA: It’s a dirty job, so thanks for doing it”

  1. May we not take for granted that we live in a country where there is a peaceful transfer of power from one to another…..may we also agree to disagree in a respectful manner when assessing those who faithfully serve as President of our great nation.

  2. Beautifully said Barbara!

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