Why do kids get all the cool band-aids?

I miss the cool band-aids they used to give us at the doctor’s office when we were kids. Sesame Street, Spiderman, and My Little Pony covered up a booboo to become body art. It was awesome.

The band-aids they use now that I’m an adult are a bland variety of beige. There’s nude (a naked band-aid), neutral (a bipartisan band-aid), clear (a pointless band-aid) or flesh-tone (as though skin is one-color-fits-all).

Not only are all of these drastically boring, absolutely none of them blend into my skin as their packaging insists they will. On top of that, any blood shows up as a noticeable dark spot in the middle of the band-aid that someone had the nerve to market as being “invisible.”

At what age has it been determined that we need to start hiding a boo-boo or an ouchy with beige? When I give blood, get a shot, or cut myself, I like to draw attention to it so I can get sympathy, or maybe an ice cream cone. A noticeable, beige band-aid looks like I’m trying to hide something – and doing a really poor job of it.

How much more awesome would it be if your doctor pulled out adult band-aid options featuring some of your favorite people, hobbies, etc.?

Men could have all sorts of sports band-aid options. They could even feature a still-shot of an awesome play. Suddenly, you’ve got a fun conversation starter. “Hey, I remember that play.” “Yeah man, I was actually sitting less than 20 feet away from it when it all went down!”

Women could have Sex and the City band-aids, or even some featuring a shirtless Ryan Reynolds. The band-aid conversation options would be endless! “Hey, is that from the episode where the politician asks Carrie if he can pee on her?” or “Just say no to Scar-Jo.”

No matter your age, things that break the skin, requiring a band-aid, hurt. Maybe I don’t cry now because I’m supposed to be tough, but it still hurts.

Here’s a thought. If kids get fun band-aids to help distract them and stop them from crying, why not reward adults for managing the pain so well? Otherwise, we might have to revert to screaming obnoxiously until you bring us something cooler than another beige band-aid.

I’m simply not ready to rip the desire for a cool, themed band-aid off.

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