25 weeks pregnant; kicking from the inside out

Pregnancy involves a lot of adapting, and some hard lessons learned. 

Two weeks ago, I suffered a fainting spell and went to the ER. It sounds more dramatic than it turned out to be. The lesson learned was not to start my day with too many carbs (even the sugars in fruit can contribute) and not enough protein and water. I also learned to stand up more slowly to allow my increased blood volume to properly adjust.

The funniest part of my hospital visit was that “Hawaii 5-o” was filming at the Tripler ER that morning, so we pulled up to several blood-soaked patients, who were actually just actors. Someone on set actually shushed an EMT and I’m pretty sure I saw steam come out my husband’s ears. I may not have been covered in blood, but I was the only true patient.

Another funny tidbit from that morning was how I kept having to repeat that I’d had cookies and fruit for breakfast. Yep, the personal trainer who is all about health and nutrition had given in to sugar cravings only to have to repeat them about five times. My husband was snickering in the corner. I suspect he paid extra people to ask what I had eaten.

While at the hospital, they also monitored AJ (the boy who lives in my belly) to make sure he had everything he needed. He quickly proved he was fine by boxing the monitors they put on my belly. We could actually see them moving with each strike, and my insides were raw by the end of it. My little show-off. I was proud.

Fainting spells aren’t actually dangerous for babies. The whole reason I was depleted was because my body was prioritizing the baby, making sure he got everything he needed first. (Hey, the baby needs blood. Great, lets take it from mom’s brain.)

In other news, our household goods will arrive tomorrow. Although I’m impressed at how well the air mattress we’ve been sleeping on has held out, I’m definitely ready to get back to sleeping on our real bed. I’m equally excited for our couch and TV. Next week, we’ll have cable for the first time in 2 years. My husband will be away when that happens, so I think it’s only fair that I take it in for both of us by parking it in front of the ole picture box for a marathon run of whatever is on.

Fitness, nutrition and preparation at 25 weeks:

I’m 25 weeks today, and I’m still active. I walk 18 miles each week (2.6/day), and I mix up other activities for my upper body. I’ve gone kayaking, enjoy swimming, and am still good about pushups, tricep dips, planks and back exercises.

For someone like me, use to pushing herself, it’s hard to learn to err on the side of caution and slow down. Also, whereas I use to monitor and restrict my diet, now it’s “when in doubt… eat.”

As I type, I’m eating an oatmeal, blueberry and walnut muffin. The 3rd trimester is right around the corner, and that is when it’s most crucial to get a ton of DHA/omega-3 – i.e. brain food for baby (NO PRESSURE!). These muffins cover a lot of nutritional ground with banana, blueberries, oatmeal, almond meal, walnuts, eggs, and coconut spread in place of butter. I would share the recipe, but I didn’t use measurements.

Each day I do a bit of a nutritional checklist to make sure I’ve covered my good fats, greens, grains, vitamins, etc. My prenatal vitamins cover a lot of ground for me, but it’s always best to get what your body needs straight from the source.

To further help prepare us for AJ, we have hired a doula and are all set to take a CPR refresher course.

Learn from my lessons:

Whether you’re pregnant or not, a daily nutritional checklist is a good idea. Your skin (outward appearance) and your brain (inner prowess) will seriously benefit from omega-3, tons of water, and vitamin C. You won’t faint without them, but they’re still important.

2 Comments on “25 weeks pregnant; kicking from the inside out”

  1. Jill says:

    I love this Katie. I have to add to get a good amount of live foods as well. Making sure our “guts” are properly balanced with good bacteria is very important for AJ. I don’t like dairy, but plain Greek yogurt, komucha, kimchi, real saurkraut all have live and good bugs. You are so healthy and conscience of good health, AJ is going to be a super hero in the health department.
    I watch Hawaii Five-O, so I will look for you in any hospital scenes. 🙂 I’m glad you are ok though.

  2. Chevonne says:

    I tnink everything is s little scary when you are pregnant I am glad you sre ok.

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