House rules, and guns at playdates

Let me get right to the point.

We don’t have guns in our house because I think we’re more likely to suffer an accident than be heroes, and I’m terrified of my son being a victim of a gun accident. We have various forms of protection, but none of them are as final and deadly as a gun.

I’m not against guns. I have a healthy amount of experience handling guns, and I have no problem with other people owning them. I just don’t want them in my house. Our house; our rules.

Where I’m struggling is with playdates. When it’s not my house, it’s not my rules, and every family can make their personal choices. I think it’s important for my son to see that not every family manages their home exactly as we do, and he should adapt accordingly, out of respect, so long as it doesn’t require compromising core values. Rules, toys, food…none of that bothers me. What scares the bejesus out of me is my son being involved in a gun accident at someone else’s house.

My husband made a good point in saying that people aren’t likely to get defensive about this matter if we ask. He thinks other parents will happily show us their safety measures if they have guns in the house, because all parents share a fear of something happening to their children.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, and how you’ve handled situations where your comfort level might be tested when your child is at a friend’s house. Also, this is a great opportunity for all my parent-friends to know where we stand on this particular issue.

Again, I have no issue with the right to bear arms (though I think it should be restricted to single shot style guns rather than assault weapons), we just choose not to bear them at our house.

2 Comments on “House rules, and guns at playdates”

  1. Jonathan says:

    We only recently have guns in our house. I did not grow up with any interaction at all with guns, but my wife’s family has a history of collecting guns and being enthusiasts, I guess from a military background. For the most part, ours guns are for sport – we enjoy going to the range. We do keep them in the bedroom for defense if ever necessary. They’re accessible enough if they’re needed, but hidden and in a place where they’re not reachable by our kids. They’re also not loaded. Ammunition and the gun itself are not in the same spot, but close enough that the gun can be loaded in seconds if we were ever in danger.

    As for play dates, we only have one family, a neighbor with a child in the same age range, that we have issue with. Bottom line, the kids aren’t allowed to go to that house without us. My wife went up to the playroom during a dinner party one evening and in the closet was shells, ammunition and guns on the floor and easily accessible to a kid of any age.

    • Wow. I’m sure seeing the way they were kept in another house only served to reaffirm how you keep them in your own house. Thanks for sharing your perspective and how you’ve handled this situation for your own family!

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