Sugar, sugar; the great cake debate

As we approach Aidan’s 1st birthday, I’m at odds with one of my favorite indulgences…cake.

Up to now, he’s had sugar once. I’m not counting trace amounts in things he may have tasted or natural sugars; I’m counting the one time we let him have a tiny taste of a shave ice, and he proceeded to spit up clear liquid 3x over the course of an hour. We took it as him exhibiting sugar-rejection.

Anyway, after steering clear of sugar for a year, how do you introduce cake, in all its sugarific glory, in one big dose? I wouldn’t go from a caffeine detox to drinking a jug of coffee, which seems kind of similar, but I want him to get to try “the good stuff,” too.

I know I could make him a sugar-free cake, but wouldn’t that start us down the road of having the kid who brings his own cupcake to other kid’s parties forever?