Your best home defense might not be what you think

I’m a scaredy-cat. I’m strong, and I’ve taken self-defense, but I’m still a small, vulnerable person. Add to this that I’m now a momma-bear (other little people to protect), and my husband’s job takes him away frequently, and you can easily see why I want to know my best defense should anything happen.

Although I’m very familiar with guns, I didn’t grow up with them in my house, and even my active-duty husband doesn’t want them in our home. I have many gun-toting friends with differing views, but I firmly believe you are more likely to have a gun accident than to be a hero, and, for us, it’s not worth the risk.

Honestly, we’re all more likely to die from a car accident than anything else, but I still like to know what my plan is for a worse case scenario. I don’t like the idea of being without a gun, or with a gun. What to do?

It turns out I can still be prepared to defend my household with something most of us already have handy in the kitchen. It’s not a knife, a skillet, or a hot pot of boiling gravy. It’s not even my dog; although he does make a fabulous alarm. It’s a fire extinguisher.

That’s right, pull the pin, aim without worrying about misfiring, missing or having to kill someone, blast away those lovely chemicals, then pop ’em up the side of the head with it.

Everyone needs a plan, and this one might not suit everyone’s taste, but a loaded gun is a deadly loose cannon, and I like my family’s odds better with Big Red.