Dreams for my baby; dreams for me

I’ve seen a lot of opinions out there about devoting yourself wholly to your baby – attachment parenting, if you will – and I’d like to weigh in.

I am in complete agreement that, as parents, it’s our job to make sacrifices for our children as needed. However, I don’t think this means you should live only for your child, with him/her/them as your only priority. I don’t believe life as I knew it before is over now that I’m a mom; quite to the contrary, actually.

When I look at my son, I’m overwhelmed with hope for him and all of his potential. Just think of all he’ll do and become! At these (frequent) moments, I imagine my parents looking at me and thinking the same lovely thoughts.

I know my parents are proud of me and what I’ve accomplished up to now, and they will continue to be proud of me no matter what I choose to do with the rest of my life. I don’t have to build a legacy or cure cancer to make them happy. Having said that, I’m only 33 years old, and I’m still a young woman with lots of ambition and potential.

The needs of my family will always come first for me, and one of those needs is for me to be the best me I can be. My son will benefit from my growth, and I believe I can grow me without taking anything away from him.

What’s more? This is how I want him to feel one day when he’s a parent. I want him to see that it’s possible, and necessary, to strike a balance between chasing his own dreams, and helping his children achieve their own. The best way for me to team him, is by example. I owe it to my son to chase after my dreams.