Part Two of The Mason Chronicles: Seeing-Eye Person

The summer heat is not ideal for running a dog, so the second rain comes in and provides a little relief, I grab the leash.

Watching Mason play and run in the rain takes my mind off of the actual exercise. He splashes in puddles and even manages to lap up some water while moving at full speed. His tail and ears are always high in the air like he’s having the time of his life. The only part that doesn’t make sense is his attempt to shake off the water, but how do you explain water constantly falling from the sky to a dog?

Mother Nature provided some nice, cool rain – just perfect for a run – last Thursday. The light drizzle we started off in was lovely. It wasn’t until we were almost home when things turned torrential.

It was really coming down, so I sped up to push through the last bit. I could tell Mason was having a hard time keeping up by a little pull behind me on the leash, so I turned around to shout encouragement. (Normally the words squirrel, cat or puppy will get him moving.) As I turned toward him it became obvious why he was running slowly behind me. His eyes were completely shut. I guess he wanted to keep the rain out. He was running blind, and I was his seeing-eye person.