How to look a size smaller

Do you wear your clothes inside out so the tag shows? Hopefully not; however, if the smaller size fits, you buy it in every color, right?

Have you ever been guilty of any of the following?

  • Buying an article of clothing simply because it fit in a smaller size than you normally wear.
  • Not buying an article of clothing because it fit in a larger size than you normally wear.
  • Buying a smaller size in hopes that it would fit after you lost some weight.
  • Buying a smaller size, even though it wasn’t as comfortable on as a size up, just so you could continue to claim it as “your size.”

Why do we torture ourselves by purchasing the smallest size we can fit into only to worry that we will only be able to wear it on our best (skinniest) days?

Here’s the deal: Wearing the wrong size makes you look bigger than you actually are.

The only thing other people see is how your clothes fit you. You’re the only one who knows what size you’re wearing. Others won’t know you’re wearing a smaller size than normal, but they will see if you have a muffin top spilling over the waistline of your pants, or if your top is straining at the buttons.

If your clothes are too tight, it doesn’t matter that you were able to squeeze into them. Ill-fitting clothes cheapen your appearance. Wearing the appropriate size, even if it’s a size up from what you would like to wear, will actually make you look smaller.

It may make you feel good to buy a size 4 or know that what you’re wearing is smaller than you normally wear, but – being intentionally redundant – you’re the only one who knows that.

Don’t rush out and buy clothes that are way too big, though. If they don’t fit your shape you may as well be wearing a potato sack.

Sizes vary by brand, so you’re not going to wear the same size across the board. Always try on clothes before you buy them.

A visit to a good tailor can make a huge, inexpensive difference in your wardrobe. Let out a little on one seam; take in a little on another, and voila!

Another tip is to dress from the inside-out. What I mean by that is you have to start with the right undergarments. There is no point investing in nice clothes if you’re not going to wear something nice and appropriate underneath them.

If your bra doesn’t fit you well or fit well under your outfit, you can ruin the entire effect. Your bra straps should not cut in and give you unnecessary fat rolls, and your chest should be adequately supported. A good bra will lift your breasts off of your rib cage, giving the appearance of a longer, slimmer torso.

The same goes for your underwear. There are enough options and contraptions out there now that there is no excuse for elastic cutting in, panty lines, etc.

Our bodies are changing all the time. Whether you need tummy support, a butt lift, thigh smoothing, invisible straps, etc., there is a piece of lingerie developed just for you.

A healthy diet and regular exercise will help you look and feel better, and those in conjunction with a nice wardrobe will no doubt make you look your best. However, whether you adhere to a specific diet and exercise regimen or not, any figure looks good in clothes that fit well.

Remember that your clothing size is not your identifier. I only know people by their name, and no one has ever called me by a number off my tag. The person who invented clothing sizes wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings or boost someone else’s.

Love yourself enough to take pride in your overall appearance. The way you look and feel in your clothes makes a difference in how confident you appear, and confidence is your best accessory.