Kate’s training journey


Kate Coffey

When I started my weight loss journey in December I never imagined I would look the way I do now. I have always been a gym junky, and just figured my genetics were awful and that I would never be a thin, fit woman. After losing about 10 pounds on my own my body just shut down on me. I stopped losing fat, and I wasn’t making gains anymore.  I kept working harder and harder for 2 more weeks and after not seeing any more results I went and found Katie at the gym. I was amazed at the time she took to understand what I wanted from my sessions and where I was struggling. I am a former college athlete and have dealt with numerous coaches and trainers, and I can honestly say no one has worked me out as hard as Katie did. In our 8 weeks together not only did I see amazing changes in my body, but I also saw huge changes in my mental approach to working out, and how I see myself.  Not only did I find an amazing trainer when I found Katie, but I found a mentor. –Kate Coffey


Kate, I can’t tell you how amazing your testimonial made me feel or how much I enjoyed working with and getting to know you. You’re going to do great things and make a difference! -KR