Kate’s training journey


Kate Coffey

When I started my weight loss journey in December I never imagined I would look the way I do now. I have always been a gym junky, and just figured my genetics were awful and that I would never be a thin, fit woman. After losing about 10 pounds on my own my body just shut down on me. I stopped losing fat, and I wasn’t making gains anymore.  I kept working harder and harder for 2 more weeks and after not seeing any more results I went and found Katie at the gym. I was amazed at the time she took to understand what I wanted from my sessions and where I was struggling. I am a former college athlete and have dealt with numerous coaches and trainers, and I can honestly say no one has worked me out as hard as Katie did. In our 8 weeks together not only did I see amazing changes in my body, but I also saw huge changes in my mental approach to working out, and how I see myself.  Not only did I find an amazing trainer when I found Katie, but I found a mentor. –Kate Coffey


Kate, I can’t tell you how amazing your testimonial made me feel or how much I enjoyed working with and getting to know you. You’re going to do great things and make a difference! -KR

More clients making it happen

When I started working with Katie I had already been going to the gym for a while, but the scale was not moving … at all…. and I was bored, too.The first week we started was hard. I have never done a workout like Katie puts you through. She is firm, yet encouraging in a way that makes you want to please her… want to push yourself! After about the second to third week, everything we had done in the first week was somewhat easy. I noticed a difference in my abilities right away. I felt so strong.

I dropped 13 lbs during our sessions together! I was getting compliments left and right!

We worked so hard … I was, and still am, so proud of myself. It was great to have her guide me through workouts. I was never ever bored. Everyday we met, we did something new. She listened to the issues I had with my body – bad back, etc… and we worked on things that would help those issues. I look forward to getting back with her soon, and her showing me all new things to do.  Thank you so much Katie!!!! -A.R.




I have been seeing Katie 3 times a week for personal training since July 2011.  I had gastric bypass in June 2011.  In June 2011 I had a BMI of 36 and was a size 20.  Now, 8 months later I have a BMI of 24 and am a size 10.   It is amazing that I have lost over 100 pounds in 8 months through portion control and exercise.  In six months, I have lost over 34 inches!  I am actually smaller now than I was in high school (not a phrase I thought I would be saying a year ago).

Adding sessions with Katie made a big difference in my routine and overall strength and appearance.  I do 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and 3 hours of weight training per week.  After 8 months of training I am now ready to run a 5K and have more strength and energy throughout the day.  Portion control and healthy eating have become a mainstay in my life.   

Her lessons are always varied but motivating.  She has been a great friend encouraging me every step of the way on this drastic change to take back my life and health!E.M.


Katie Roy is an outstanding personal trainer.  She spends time getting to know what the client wants to achieve and their physical limits.  She has been working with me for the last 4 months.  When I started with her I could not do a single push up or a plank, but can now do 60 push ups and a 1-minute plank. This might not seem like a lot but at my age  (52) I feel I have come a long way.  Kate won’t accept the word “can’t” because she knows you can.  I will truly miss Katie, but I will continue her workout regimen to make her proud.  I know where ever Katie goes she will change the lives of people one client at a time.L.B.