Baby detox: hard knocks for babies

Has anyone else noticed the trend of taking away everything babies enjoy?

Babies have obviously done something wrong, and need to be punished. ???

Your baby probably loves (or loved, as it may be) being rocked to sleep, sleeping in your arms, nursing to sleep, being swaddled, his pacifier, and being seen about when she cries. According to most books and pediatricians, these are all the wrong things to do at some point, and will need to cease. Some suggest weaning, while others say stop them cold turkey… or else.

Essentially, you need to send your baby into detox from all his creature comforts. The world is tough, kid, get used to it.

I understand the reasoning behind working away from most of these methods/soothers, but I don’t see anything wrong with taking the opportunity, while my baby is indeed a baby, to “spoil” him a little. He’s not an addict, and none of the things I listed will kill him, so why not indulge him a little; after all, he’s not even 5 months old! He probably still has nightmares about leaving his jacuzzi-style oven, where he fed 24/7 and was continuously rocked. Give the kid a break!

Why not hit a happy, weaning-medium? Rock him until he’s almost asleep. Only hold him while he sleeps occasionally. Reserve swaddling and pacifiers for extremely fussy times, and set a time limit for seeing about her when she cries. I doubt the people giving the advice are the same people who have to listen to your baby cry when you rip off the band-aid.

Yes, I want to raise an independent, self-soother, but I don’t expect someone who still poops his pants to have figured it all out yet. We’ll get there, but, today, I’m going to love on my baby however much I want.