Booty-kickin, fat-burner ladder workout (no ladder required)

You do not need a ladder to do this workout, but you will need lots of energy and the will to push yourself toward a hotter, stronger physique.

Ladders are a combination of two exercises that alternate and increase number of reps from one on up to ten. You start out with one of each, then two of each, then three…four…five…….ten, as you climb up the ladder.

Below are three ladder examples. I suggest trying all of them together at your next workout, followed by at least 20 mins of cardio. They won’t seem too tough at first, but after you’ve done all of them (55 of each move), you’ll understand why they’re such booty kickers. If you are a beginner, start with modified pushups and smaller dumbbells, but if you’re in pretty good shape and want to really see results, challenge yourself with heavier weights and fully progressed form.

This workout can be done anywhere and is gender-neutral, so challenge your spouse or a friend. A little competition will make everyone work harder.

If you require additional instruction, comment and I’ll add to my explanations. Now, go burn some calories!

Pushup-Shoulder Press Ladder

  • 1st Set: 1 pushup, 1 dumbbell shoulder press (stand up with dumbbells at your shoulders, press them straight up)
  • 2nd Set: 2 pushups, 2 presses
  • 3rd Set: 3 pushups, 3 presses
  • 4th Set: 4 pushups, 4 presses
  • 5th Set: 5 pushups, 5 presses
  • 6th Set: 6 pushups, 6 presses
  • 7th Set: 7 pushups, 7 presses
  • 8th Set: 8 pushups, 8 presses
  • 9th Set: 9 pushups, 9 presses
  • 10th Set: 10 pushups, 10 presses

Lunge-Squat Ladder

  • 1st Set: 1 lunge each leg, 1 squat (feet shoulder width apart, lower your rear like you’re about to sit down, stand back up at the point your rear would touch the seat)
  • 2nd Set: 2 lunges each leg, 2 squats
  • 3rd Set: 3 lunges each leg, 3 squats
  • 4th Set: 4 lunges each leg, 4 squats
  • 5th Set: 5 lunges each leg, 5 squats
  • 6th Set: 6 lunges each leg, 6 squats
  • 7th Set: 7 lunges each leg, 7 squats
  • 8th Set: 8 lunges each leg, 8 squats
  • 9th Set: 9 lunges each leg, 9 squats
  • 10th Set: 10 lunges each leg, 10 squats

Bicep-Ab Ladder

  • 1st Set: 1 bicep curl (both arms at once), 1 seated heel touch (sit on edge of chair/bench with legs in front of you, lean back slightly with arms behind to support you, bring knees to your chest, then extend toward the floor until your heels touch, raise knees back up/in without fully touching feet down)
  • 2nd Set: 2 bicep curls, 2 heel touches
  • 3rd Set: 3 bicep curls, 3 heel touches
  • 4th Set: 4 bicep curls, 4 heel touches
  • 5th Set: 5 bicep curls, 5 heel touches
  • 6th Set: 6 bicep curls, 6 heel touches
  • 7th Set: 7 bicep curls, 7 heel touches
  • 8th Set: 8 bicep curls, 8 heel touches
  • 9th Set: 9 bicep curls, 9 heel touches
  • 10th Set: 10 bicep curls, 10 heel touches

Workout: Squat – Treadmill sequence to tone and tighten legs and butt

Here’s a ten minute squat-treadmill sequence that’s a great addition to any workout.

The purpose of this sequence is to get your heart rate up while toning and tightening your legs and butt.

You might feel some eyes on you when you start this sequence, but trust me, people are only checking you out because you look hardcore and they’re admiring your booty-kickin moves!

10-Minute Squat-Treadmill Sequence

  • Hop on a treadmill and turn it up to a good running pace. You shouldn’t be sprinting, but you shoudn’t be lolly-gagging around either. I suggest a speed somewhere between 6.5-8.0 depending on your level of fitness. If you are new to running, start at 5.5 or 6.0. You’re only running for one minute at a time, so no excuses!
  • Start counting your time once you’ve reached your running pace.
  • Go for one minute, hit pause, then hop off and stand at the end of the treadmill so that your back is to it.
  • With your feet shoulder width apart, perform ten squats so that your butt taps the treadmill each time – like you were going to sit down and take a break, but instead you realize you can’t sit down because you’re in the middle of a calorie-burning, muscle-building workout, so you hop back up before you actually sit.
  • Make sure your feet are far enough away from the treadmill that your knees don’t extend out over your toes when you squat.
  • Bring your arms forward each time, or put your hands behind your head with your elbows out so you’re doing fast prisoner squats.
  • Once you’ve completed ten squats, turn around and hop back on the treadmill for another minute of running.
  • Continue alternating the 1 minute run with the ten squats for a total of ten times. At the end of about ten and a half minutes you should have completed at least one mile of running, and one hundred squats.

 1 min run – 10 squats  X 10 = 10 minutes of running and 100 squats

The reason we don’t hold onto the treadmill with our feet on the sides and squat while still on it is so we don’t accidentally rely on our arms for assistance.

If you want to get creative, you can keep going and do another set with 1 minute of running followed by 10 push-ups (tricep style or regular) off the end of the treadmill, and then a set where you follow the running with planks with your feet elevated on the end of the treadmill, or ten sit-ups. At the end of that you’d have done at least 3 miles, 100 squats, 100 push-ups, and 10 planks/100 sit-ups. Try it out and make it your own!