Forget the glory days, the time to play is now

I’ve never excelled at one specific sport. I’m inherently average. I love to play, I’ve just never been picked first for a team. I primarily danced, rode horses, and did musical theater growing up, so I only learned team sports from the sidelines.

Back in school, being average at team sports was tough because the people who excelled were at their peak. Youth allows the fast to be faster, strong to be stronger, endurance to go even longer, and agility to be set free as a young body offers less limitations.

It’s not that I don’t understand what it takes to be the best at certain sports (logistically speaking), I’ve just never been able to fully sync what my mind knows with what my body can manage.

A funny thing happens as we all age. The playing field evens out. If you’re fit, you can still participate in any sport available, but the fast people from your youth have slowed down. All of a sudden, you can hang.

I say all of this because I want to encourage my fellow eager participants with less than athletic prowess to give sport a second chance. At this age, everyone is just looking for people willing to play. They no longer care how amazing you are, or how many trophies are in your parents attic.

If you do a little research, you can find adult groups out there playing basketball, soccer, dodgeball, kickball, softball, etc., and for many of you without an affinity for the gym, it’s a fun way to get active. You can even start your own league at work or church, if there isn’t one offered currently.

Forget your youth, the time to play is now!