You are a body of potential

Every morning you wake up with potential; regardless of what side of the bed you may get up on.

Every morning presents an opportunity to improve. You don’t have to take the opportunity, but know that it’s there every morning, just as real and present as your rumpled covers.

It’s amazing what the simple recognition of your own potential each and every morning can do. Whether yesterday went well or not, today you can…

  • resolve a situation,
  • forgive someone,
  • improve your fitness,
  • learn new information and skills,
  • eat healthier,
  • BE better wherever you choose to use your potential.

If it doesn’t go well today, tomorrow you’ll wake with the opportunity yet again.

Everyone has something they put off until tomorrow, typically because you don’t look forward to it; but, each day you have the chance to put that dreaded task behind you.

It sounds cheesy to acknowledge that we call today the “present,” but it really is one. You don’t have to like your little wrapped bundle of potential energy with the perfectly tied bow on top, but, whether you open it up and use it or not, it’s waiting there for you each morning, right next to your cup of joe. Curse me being Mary Optimism all you want. I’m just stating the truth.

Tomorrow is another day, and Annie is sure to keep singing about it. Today, that’s something you can really work with.