Total Body Workout (Intermediate Level)

Repeat the following sequence 4x through, then do a fast mile on the treadmill and finish with 2 min walk and stretching.

All told, should take you about 45 mins.

A 20 lb kettlebell is ideal, as are 8lb weights.

You may not feel this much the day you’re doing it b/c it’s designed so you switch muscle groups enough to keep your energy level steady, but I can vouch for how my body felt the day after 😉

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Lunge w/medicine ball twist

20 Hamstring-bicep double curl

8 Weighted Squat Jump

10 Squat with shoulder raise

15 (each side) Tricep kickback with leg kickback

15 (each side) Single arm double-weighted rows

8 Reverse crunch on bench

15 (each side) Side-leg lifts

12 Leg Cross Crunch

15 Glute bridge with one leg extended (alternate legs each round)

1 minute plank