Go. Everywhere.

What are your reasons for not traveling?

Money is probably the first one that most people say. Not enough time is another. For some it’s children. Everyone has their reason I guess.

The thing is, so many people talk about where they dream of going. It’s the only time a dream makes me sad. Why would you only ever dream of going somewhere if the place actually exists? If we can save for things like cars, houses, tuition, etc., why not save for your dream vacation? Even if you don’t have the money, there are options to go on mission trips, study and/or work all over the globe.

You don’t have to go far though. Travel isn’t defined by covering a certain distance. You could travel close to home to a state park, or cross a body of water. The idea is to experience somewhere you don’t see everyday. Maybe you like it and plan a return trip, or maybe you cross it off and decide it wasn’t your favorite spot on the map. Either way, you can say you’ve been there and put it in your bucket.