Ventura Highway Runs Through Italy: America in concert in Naples

Madonna was right when she sang, “Music makes the people come together.”  I had the pleasure of attending an America concert (slightly different genre than Madonna) in downtown Naples, Italy last night, and it was so cool to stand and sing Ventura Highway with a bunch of Italians. It was a blast!

Who knew Italians loved America so much? As it turns out, they were huge here in the 80s, and have continued to return frequently during their over forty years of touring.

There was a great turnout, and everyone knew every line to every song. Fans showed up with vinyl they hoped to have signed, and took plenty of pictures and video from the audience.

Music is a huge part of my life, and it just makes sense to me that something so powerful would span cultures so easily.

I exist because of music. I don’t mean to sound profound and deep. Literally, my mom made eyes at my dad from the audience when he was on stage singing and playing, and the rest is music history.

A song exists for every situation or emotion that’s ever existed, and the right lyrics, with a perfect melody can enhance your feelings better than any drug ever could. Music is a universal connection.

Music can bring you up or down, and last night it was just what we needed to make us feel right at home in Italy.

One of the leads, Dewey Bunnell, was a dead ringer for my dad – looks-wise, and as an entertainer. It made me want to get my dad’s band back together again for a reunion show!

When the crowd took over to sing “Lala, la, la, lalala…” in Horse with no name, there was no language barrier. We all just swayed and sang together. I think it was what the Hilltop Singers intended when they sang, “I’d like to teach the world to sing.”

My life has a soundtrack, and last night it was Italians, Americans and America singing Magic.